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Chauffage Central

On our arrival in Montreal, it had just snowed forty-five centimeters or so, the temperature immediately dropped to -18 and our brain stopped functioning. We whimpered and begged for chauffage. When things warmed up a tad, and it has been only a tad, we hoofed it out to Joliette to visit the impressive rooms of the Société généalogique canadienne-française. On numerous occasions, some of our Dear Readers have written to us about this fine association and its work, so we were pleased for the opportunity to learn more.

Sgcf montreal (640x427)

We found it in the basement of a church in a residential area of eastern Montreal. We were greeted warmly, charged ten dollars for the day, and were given a complete, thorough and exhaustive tour of the facilities. How our French Readers would envy such a fine collection!

There is a large library of published books relevant to Quebec genealogy, but it is the creations of the association and the specialised publications that are exceptional:

  • A variety of precious indices to the Drouin Collection
  • Publications by the Drouins and by Jean-Pierre Pepin, their successor
  • Hundreds of bound volumes of extracts of parish and civil registrations from not only Quebec but also from French communities in other provinces of Canada as well as in the United States
  • A card file -- in some 250 drawers of three rows each -- containing marriage details taken from all genealogical research by all members of the Society. Much of this is collected nowhere else.

 This is very good resource facility for those tracing French ancestors who came to the North American continent. We managed a bit of research and had a great evening afterward with some of the Society's kind members. Many thanks all around.


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