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Remembering the French Children Who Were Deported


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In the barbarity described in the plaque photographed above, 6200 Parisian Jewish children were taken from their homes and sent to camps to be killed. There were no death registrations and no funerals and so, almost no record of their disappearance. For those seeking relatives, it has been difficult to find answers. 

The Mémorial de la Shoah has many of their names, but Serge Klarsfeld (who was cared for after the deportation of his own father by the Oeuvre de Secours aux Enfants) has created an online memorial specific to the children of Paris. It may also be of help to genealogists.

Les enfants juifs de Paris déportés de juillet 1942 à août 1944 is a map showing where each of the children lived in Paris. One can click on dots to learn the addresses indicated, and the names and ages of the children who were deported from there. 

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It is also possible to search by the child's name or by an address. Spelling can be unfamiliar, so we recommend that you also read the index of names if you are having trouble finding someone. Addresses for about a dozen children have not been determined, and some streets no longer exist. Klarsfeld is asking for people to submit any photographs they may have of the children and to correct any errors.

It makes for sad reading, but discovery of family may bring comfort.

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