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When Savoie Joined France

At times, a bit of nicely potted history can be quite useful. The Archives nationales in Paris is a drab place on the whole, with a grim, grey, hard-edged entry that seems intended to drive away researchers. It reminds us of Sixties architecture in Africa. Periodically, the folorn soul given the job of producing enlightening displays for the entry creates a series of posters to slap up next to the vending machines. They always contain mistakes which the visitors mockingly correct, making an already shabby display look even worse.

Yet, sometimes, a display is actually rather interesting, as is the case with the current one, which gives the history of the annexation of Savoie by France. In previous posts, we have discussed Savoyard genealogy and Savoyards in Paris. The response from you, Dear Readers, would indicate that many of you have roots in La Savoie and would appreciate more on the subject. Thus, we take the risk of presenting here photographs of the entire display. They are large, with a plethora of pixels, so click on them and you will be able to read them as well as if you were standing in that sad foyer.

Savoie Joins France 1 small


  Savoie Joins France 2 small


Savoie Joins France 3 small


  Savoie Joins France 4


Savoie Joins France 5 small


Savoie Joins France 6 small


Savoie Joins France 7 small


Savoie Joins France 8 small


Savoie Joins France 9 small


Whew! That took a day and a half to upload. Enjoy!

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