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Online family trees and genealogies are treacherous territory, genealogical quicksand at times. Their danger is that they are so often just plain fiction. They may include faulty research or no research at all. They may have few sources,  no sources, disputed sources, silly sources, or the fraudulent sources of the likes of Gustave Anjou, whose name is cooler than his work. Their beauty is that sometimes they are very, very good, with superb documentation and sourcing and that they can put one in touch with others researching the same lines.

In France, many people put their genealogy trees online on or, the big guns of commercial genealogy in France. Planète Généalogie  - now Heredis online - brings up the rear, but trees posted there are rarely duplicated on the others. It is run by the makers of the Heredis genealogy software, probably the most popular genealogy software in France, and certainly the most sophisticated. (Its users are not limited to France; for some reason, it is quite popular in New Zealand.) Those who purchase Heredis  can choose to upload and share their trees on Planète Généalogie. Many thousands have done so, making it a fairly useful site. 

A bit of vocabulary may be of use.

On the opening search page:

  • Nom = surname
  • Lieu = place
  • Prénom = first name
  • Conjoint = spouse
  • Année début = beginning year
  • Année fin = ending year

 On the search results page:

  • Evt. = event, with some twee symbols indicating birth, marriage and death
  • Commune = city or town 
  • Filiation = family members
  • Auteur = click to access the relevant page of the person's tree

Heredis Online has knocked through brick walls for a couple of people we know, so give it a go and let us know how it works for you.

©2012 Anne Morddel

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