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Many More Finding Aids to Military Archives Now Online!

Artilleur 1915

The Service Historique de la Défense has just put online more than one hundred finding aids to the military archives they hold, bringing the total to over three hundred. These finding aids are PDF documents that explain the contents of and give the codes to various files and cartons in the archives. All of them are of use to the genealogist as well as the historian for they cover not only policy but personnel and go as far back as 1740. The main archives categories included are:

  • Army
  • Ministerial, interministerial and inter-army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Armaments

Within the above are also many personal archives donated by the individuals or their families. All are in French, of course. Most do not include lists of names, but some do, such as:

  • Well-known military people - Répertoire des célébrités
  • Geographical engineers - Répertoire des ingénieurs-géographes 
  • General Officers of the Army - Officiers généraux de l'Armée de Terre
  • Pension files of the officers of the colonial troops in North Africa - Dossiers de pensions des troupes coloniales et ressortissants de l'Afrique du Nord....1850-1950
  • Administrators, inspectors, commissariats - Commissaires des guerres, inspecteurs aux revues, intendants militaires 1791-1847
  • Army chaplains - Aumôniers 1791-1847 
  • Veterinary surgeons - Vétérinaires 1791-1847
  • Female personnel - Femmes militaires 1791-1900
  • Canteen workers, sutlers, and laundresses - Cantinières, vivandières et blanchisseuses 1791-1900

Searching through these finding aids can help one to prepare for a more productive visit to the archives at the Château de Vincennes.

Bonne chance!

©2012 Anne Morddel

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