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Paris Marriages in the 1860s

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This is a small but very helpful resource. For nine years, the city of Paris published a weekly listing of all the marriages which took place at each of the arrondissement mairies, (the city halls of each of the borroughs of Paris). L'Indicateur de Mariages was published from December of 1861 through January of 1869. It gives a simple listing of the marriages, in order of the arrondissement numbers, with the names of the couple, their professions and their addresses. Each issue is usually four pages long. In 1868, it began to include the banlieus, the suburbs, and some notices from other cities, in a very small way. All 363 issues are available to view for free on Gallica.

L'Indicateur des Mariages

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In truth, there is nothing here that cannot be found by searching the tables décennales, the ten-year indices, on the website of the Archives de Paris (the link is also in the column to the left on this page). It is merely an easier presentation to read, which can be a relief at times.

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