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Spring Fever Hits French Bloggers

Spring Fever

It would seem that the season and its oft attendant frivolity have had an effect on some of the most erudite of bloggers on genealogy in French but not, we hasten to say in the same breath, bringing them low by any means. Rather, they soar with hilarity and glee -- common enough in French farce -- but here flavoured with an unusual bit of resignation, brought on by the frustrations of the trade.

One of those frustrations comes about when a prospective client claims to be long lost royalty, the descendant of the Man In the Iron Mask or some such. Stéphane Cosson has written an exceedingly droll account of his research on such a case in his blog post entitled Roman généalogique

Another frustration for researchers in France is Paris, where most records were burnt. Maïwenn Bourdic, who writes the normally quite sweet and somewhat dainty blog,  d'Aïeux et d'Ailleurs, had to deal with four generations in 19th century Paris, with no civil registrations and no census records and no court records. She gave vent to her exasperation by naming a day spent in such research as a genealogist's VDM, or "vie de merde généalogique".

It being a small world here, the former, after his humourous tirade, commented on the post of the latter, advising her to be more optimistic. And to hire a professional. Ouch.

We cannot wait to see what the summer's heat will bring.


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