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Les Vieux Métiers - Bygone Skills

Baker's tile - oven

Loyal and supportive reader, Monsieur V, has suggested that more information about the skills and professions in France long ago would not go amiss. It is true that there are some baffling ones, (and some we wish we had not learnt existed), generally found in civil registers, but also in the census entries and notarial documents. Aigulletier, nacrier, talonnier - what was Grandpapa doing? 

Thus, we here give a few links to specialist lists around the internet:


In using these lists, please surrender all dependency on those online translating tools. They truly are wacky and lead one down a path of ever greater, even hallucinatory befuddlement. Just say no.  Invest in a proper, second-hand, French-English dictionary to help understand the modern terms for the old skills, les vieux métiers, explained on these websites. 

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