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We have only to speak and our words are instantaneously heeded. Barely a month ago, we begged here that someone might scan and index the Bulletin des Lois so that the Optants listings could be read in full. Lo and behold, it has just been done. Of course, the 75,000 hours the job is claimed to have required could indicate that someone had the idea before we voiced it., about which we have written previously, has scanned not only the Optants supplements to the Bulletin des Lois, but all of the volumes, running to more than 300,000 pages. This is a new online resource of incredible value. The official publication of decrees and laws from 1793 to 1931, it contains much, much more. has broken the entirety down into categories that can be searched separately:


  • Naturalisations
  • Military decorations
  • Legion of Honour nominations from 1811 to 1918
  • Pension lists of civil servants 
  • Pension lists of the military.
  • Laws and decrees
  • Patents for inventions
  • Legacies and donations
  • Optants

For those researching French ancestors of the 19th century, this is a boon extraordinaire.  Now, if Géné would only make the website less trashy-looking, it would be more pleasurable to use.


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