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Birthday Party With a Gift - Fête d'anniversaire avec un cadeau

Blog Birthday 1

 We confess to being stunned, but there it is: The French Genealogy Blog has been going for a year. We are quite chuffed to have so many readers who contribute such nice comments, ideas, suggestions, and would like to thank you all. Therefore, we offer a little gift to all who would like it.

We have put together a five page checklist of what research on your French ancestor to do on your own before you contact a genealogist to work for you in France or with French records elsewhere. It is our hope that Preparing to Research an Ancestor in France will enable anyone to put together a very complete and well organized file, whether to present to a professional genealogist or to have ready before a research voyage. 

To receive your copy of  Preparing to Research an Ancestor in France, please send an e-mail requesting it to this address : amerigen AT    We will send it as a PDF attachment by return e-mail.



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