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In an exceedingly awkward part of Paris to reach, there is a musty little office of friendship between French lovers of Louisiana and American lovers of France, the France-Louisiane, Franco-Américanie AssociationIts motto is "Vivre l'héritage français aux Etats-Unis". It was founded in 1977 and we do not believe the offices have been redecorated since. There seems to be a great deal of friendly visits by members back and forth across the Atlantic and a sincere love of New Orleans jazz all around.

Hidden inside this drab building is another of those treasure-trove libraries with which Paris seems to abound. On shelves throughout the offices are over 1200 books  -- in both French and English -- on the French and their culture in Louisiana, as well as videos, DVDs, CDs, and photographs. We were there in search of ancestors of the earliest settlers in Louisiana. Even though we are not a member, we were welcomed by the librarian, who took notes on our subject of research and prepared a list of works which were most useful. She was incredibly informed and helpful, and working with her furthered our research quite a bit. We especially liked the collection of over 60 theses from around the world -- all on the French in Louisiana. It is, obviously, the largest library on the subject in Europe and many users from the United States have said it has some things they cannot find elsewhere.


France-Louisiane Franco-Américanie

17 avenue Reille

75014  Paris

Métro: none

Telephone: +(33) 1 45 88 02 10

Fax: +(33) 1 45 88 03 22

e-mail: flfa@free.fr


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