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We are most grateful to have received in response to the series of posts on the Huguenots a selection of further websites on Huguenot  genealogy recommended by the noted scholar of French genealogy, Earl F. Charvet. We give them, with his comments, here:

In the USA:

The Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manakin in the Colony of Virginia

The history of the Manakin Colony is extremely interesting. It was settled by Huguenot refugees mostly living in London who departed for America in 1700. The Society is long established and (remarkably) owns 400 acres of the original settlement. As you may guess, the group has many enthusiastic volunteers. It has branches in several southeastern U.S. states: Virginia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama. They have quarterly meetings and annual conferences. The next is in San Antonio, Texas, in June, 2010.

The first item of he left column of their main page on their website is a link to a list of the founders of the colony ("HUGUENOT ANCESTORS") and the second item connects to a page that shows the first three generations of descendants of those founders ("Registered Lineages"). Back on the home page, further down, you will find a link to an index to all of their published articles - many on specific surnames - that may be ordered as reprints.


The Huguenot Society of South Carolina


The Huguenot Society of California


The Huguenot Historical Society of New Palz, New York

(website is temporarily down, being moved and reworked.)


In Europe:

The website of the Musée virtuel du protestantisme (English version)

The website from the Fondation Pasteur Eugène Bersier in Paris (17e) has this fine historical reference source for Huguenots, among the best.


The Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie

(Click on English in the upper right corner)

Serious Huguenot researchers say one of the best sources for research (not necessarily online, but correspondence can be successfully made) is with a division of the National Archives of the Netherlands: Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie. I believe they have the largest library in the world of Huguenot books, manuscripts, and materials, and act as a central resource for all things in this field.


Two excellent personal sites with strong Huguenot databases are:

Le Protestantisme en Bourgogne - Nouveaux convertis (French only)

For towns in the departments of Saône-et-Loire (71) and Yonne (89).

Protestantes des Cévennes (Gard)


The Centre d'analyse et de Mathématiques sociales in Paris (6e)

This is an important database containing more than 130,000 Huguenots. There is an English version. [We could not get any link to this database to work, and so expect that it is being updated. ]


Thank you, Earl!

©2010 Anne Morddel

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