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The television show, Complément d'enquête recently aired a show about the military archives at Chateau de Vincennes and what the somewhat overexcited journalist has called the "secret archives". These archives are from the Second World War and were bounced from France to Germany to Russia and back to France again. The entire presentation, in French, has some very nice views of the chateau's exterior, and some of the interior and the archives, can be seen on the France 2 website. The show is really about public interest in history, which is dramatically claimed to be increasing. There are a number of interviews with people whose lives are in part documented in the "secret archives".

Unfortunately, when you go to the URL, it takes you to the most recent show. To get to this one:

Click on the link above

In the panel on the left, click on EMISSIONS

In the menu below that, click on France 2

In the menu that opens, click on Complément d'enquête

Click on  the image for "Histoire, La Nouvelle Passion Pour Les Français" (It takes a while to load.)

The website, Genclic, which reports on genealogy in the media, has drastically edited the show, taking out all of the exterior shots,  and put it up on YouTube:

Soon, we will get over to Vincennes again and report on researching there.

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