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Historic or Just Old French Newspapers

Packets of papers 1920s


Just in case someone should travel all the way to France in search of ancestors and find them, you may also want to buy a newspaper or magazine from the time during which they lived. a little shop called 
La Galcante,  near the Louvre,  is just the place. Small and musty and chock full of newspapers and magazines, it is run by a kindly and extremely helpful gentleman of a certain age.  (That age happens to men too.) Every page is perfectly organized and neatly wrapped, but one is allowed to take things out to look at them. Prices are not cheap. A copy of Illustration was €40; an art revue from 1890 was €250. 


Perhaps your love of genealogy includes a passion for history; perhaps you like the idea of reading the same newspaper headlines one of you ancestors read; perhaps your ancestor was making the headlines. In any case, should you want to take home a little something extra from your genealogical journey to France, you might find it at La Galcante.
Entrance 4
La Galcante
52, rue de l'Arbre Sec
75001 Paris


tel: 01 44 77 87 44



(N.B. Do NOT believe the photo of the shop on the website, which  makes it look triple its size; this place is tiny.)



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