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A Great Little Map At Généinfos

Généinfos is the blog of the Revue française de Généalogie & Histoire des familles, a magazine that used to be incredibly stuffy and all about the lineages of  aristocrats who were guillotined during the Terror. Over the past couple of years, it has modernized quite a lot and covers more of the "how to" of genealogy. (There will be a survey of genealogy magazines in a future post.) As we have written, the "how to" is heavily dependent upon the Departmental Archives, which are the repositories of pre-Revolutionary (ancien régime) parish records, as well as some actes d'état-civil. 

Less than half of the Departmental Archives have digitized their records and put them online, but it does seem to be the new wave that they are all riding. Knowing which has and which has not has always been a bit of a bore to work out. We laboriously listed them in the panel to the right. Just this week, Généinfos launched an interactive map of links to the Archives Départementales and it is a terrific little tool, letting one see immediately which départements and regions are online and which are not. As we said in that previous post, one must know the numbers of the departments to be able to use it. 


Be informed that these are websites and do not necessarily have digitized records.


This should shame some of the others that have refused to modernize and invest in their archives to get to work. Pourquoi pas?



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