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There are now two prizes on offer for genealogy monographs in France. One is to be announced at the next Congrès national de Généalogie this October; the other - the Prix Floucaud de La Pénardille et Dr. du Chalard --  is to be announced next year and is still open for submissions. The award for the latter is 1500 euros, three times the amount for the former.

The Prix Floucaud de La Pénardille et Dr. du Chalard is offered by La France Généalogique every two years, usually announced in November. It is open to all non-professional genealogists. If you have written a book about your family history, why not submit it for the prize? To be considered, it must be:

  • In French
  • The author's first work on genealogy
  • Of a length of at least 100 pages, of which at least 70 pages must be text

The judging committee will consider:

  • References and sources cited
  • Quality and clarity of illustrations and their appropriateness to the text
  • The genealogy trees
  • The family crests, if any
  • The index 

 To submit your book for the prize, send two copies, which will not be returned, to:


12 rue de Vivienne Lot 3

75002 Paris

There seems to be no form to include, so it may be wise to write a letter explaining that the books are in submission for the prize. You must also include a letter authorizing the publication of a chapter from the book in the Revue of La France Généalogique and on their website. 

The deadline for submissions is the 31st of March 2016.

Bonne chance!

©2015 Anne Morddel

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