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Notre Anniversaire - The FGB Is Six Years Old!


6th blog anniversary

Dear Readers, can we believe it? Not only have we been writing this blog for six years, we have written nearly 500 posts, which you have been kind enough to read.

The quantity of posts has begun, unfortunately to become unwieldy, to say the least. One problem has been that the categories list began to look like an inadequate index. Another, somewhat more worrying, is that Typepad, our host, has begun to do odd things with the posts, such as losing some and randomly republishing others. This has struck terror into our heart on more than one occasion. 

Thus, we are pleased to announce that we have begun to publish the categories as booklets, which we launch today as the FGB Booklets. The first four may be seen in the panel to the right. They link to the website where they may be purchased directly, at a price as low as we could make it: $5.50 each. More will be produced quickly, thus preserving in print what is at risk of being lost either in the Internet's ethereal world or in the conundrum of excessive categories. If any of you, Dear Readers, wish to suggest a particular category or group of posts to be published, please do so, and we shall endeavor to comply.

We cannot thank you enough for your loyalty and for your many contributions, comments and suggestions. We look forward to another six years of writing this blog for you with gusto!

We have the Veuve.......Trinquez!

©2015 Anne Morddel

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