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Summer Radio - Pourqoui démarrer votre généalogie?

Summer Radio - L'engoument pour la généalogie

High tension reduced

The production company, SEPREM, has produced a series of pithy little genealogy comments, in French, for radio, entitled "Mon Histoire, ma famille, La Minute-Info de la généalogie".  They contain a plug, but are still rather useful. We present them here over the next 15 days. 

Today's offering is "L'engoument pour la généalogie" (Passion for Genealogy), a discussion with the psychoanalyst, Serge Hefez, on our deep need to research our ancestry. The French still love psychoanalysis.

Relax from the high stress life and listen to the radio for these few days this summer. This is a great way to build your french genealogy vocabulary.

©2009 Anne Morddel

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